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Lunch Under $10 at Bowl of Greens in Downtown Phoenix

Maybe 4/20 has our mind in that place, but when we stopped into Bowl of Greens on the downtown ASU campus off Central Avenue, we weren't sure if we should expect a Cheba Hut-style stoner gimmick. Luckily, the Mediterranean joint that specializes in build-your-own salads wasn't just a cheesy ploy to lure potheads. The hard-working staff quickly busts through seemingly unending lunch lines, delivering a tasty and healthy alternative to the college-area norms -- especially considering that same building used to house a Sbarro.

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If you're really short on cash, Bowl of Greens offers sandwich options under $5. Though they're pretty simple (usually just hummus and veggies or a standard falafel), it's enough food to get you through the rest of your busy day -- we're looking at you, Cronkite kids nearing finals season.

We got the grilled chicken Caesar salad, which is a pretty basic take on the Caesar. The chicken was moist and the creamy dressing and Parmesan added extra pizzazz. Plus, we dug the pita chips in our salad in place of croutons. They added a satisfying crunch and made the $6.50 salad a lightly filling lunch option. Plus they offer a smoothie and juice bar for those looking for a (healthy) liquid lunch.

While there are signs everywhere on the lunch line proclaiming that they're short-staffed, we have to mention that, while they claim to deliver, during busy times, they aren't likely to take a delivery order. We understand the limitations, but offering a delivery option and then not being able to, well, deliver is just frustrating. If you're in the area, you should definitely just drop in for lunch.

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