Ten Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Greater Phoenix

China is a nation with a multitude of culinary traditions stretching back thousands of years. In comparison, Phoenix has been around since last Tuesday and we should all be thankful that some of what's good over there can be found over. here. A word of advice: If you want to embark on a true eating adventure, borrow a food savvy and linguistically inclined Chinese friend. Doing so will open up a world of possibilities via "secret" Chinese menus.

10. Tott's Asian Diner

It has been postulated that there exists an inverse relationship between the quality of food at an Asian restaurant and the quality of the service. The staff at Tott's apparently never got that memo because their food is good and their service is phenomenal. Making a weekday take-out order? Let them know when you expect to get there and they'll time their cooking so the food comes out just as you come in to pick it up.