Chow Bella

AZ Restaurant Week Starts Saturday

It's time to get your prix fixe on because the second-ever Arizona Restaurant Week starts Saturday. It's a week long foodfest where diners can enjoy special three-course dinner menus at more than 100 Valley restaurants.

"Arizona Restaurant Week is an opportunity for diners, foodies, you know, whoever, to experience restaurants at a good value," says event spokeswoman Dana Arnold.

Some Phoenix foodsters have been plotting their Arizona Restaurant Week plans for weeks, trying to determine where to get the most gastronomical bang for the buck. Blogger and chef Gwen Walters even has a host of dining strategies depending on your tastes. 

Compared to other metro areas, it took Phoenix a long flippin' time to jump on the restaurant week bandwagon, but now that it's here, it seems like it's going to stick. One new aspect this year is that more than 30 restaurants in Tucson are involved, too.

"If there's ever been a time when restaurants can use some business, it's right now," Arnold says. "And if there's ever been a time as a diner you can stand to have a deal, it's right now."

We'll be taking part ourselves at an as-yet-to-be-announced locale and will report back next week on our experience. If you try one of these lovely-looking prix fixe meals, please let us know how you enjoy it.