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Dear Great Cajun Crawfish Boil...

After hearing about your event which is being held Friday April 29th at Tempe's Kiwanis Park, we were sort of excited. Finally something out of the norm to entertain us on a Friday night.

 Then we did a little research and discovered this off-putting video from last year's event.

The last thing we want to do is discourage anyone from attending a charity event, so can we at least make a couple suggestions? 

First off. your DJ needs to stick to DJ-ing (which is what you hired him
for) and not post any more Youtube videos.  Especially not videos that
show off the extremely long lines at your event. Beside, shouldn't he be kicking out the jams at that unmanned DJ set-up? (Oh wait no. I forgot all you need to be a DJ these days is a laptop with an itunes playlist or an upgraded Pandora subscription.) Either way, these people look miserable and if we saw this we would have second thoughts about dropping $50 (Correction: The cost of the event is actually $40 , not $50. Sorry for any confusion.) to eat some crawfish out of kiddie pool.

Which brings us to number two, kiddie pools? Really? You people couldn't come up with any other ideas? That's mind blowing because if you do a google images search for "crawfish boil" a few great kiddie pool alternatives pop up....

The most common method is to dump it all out on a newspaper covered table . Easy clean up. No kiddie pool required.

Or you could always borrow a friend's boat. Arizona has the most boats per capital so you should have no problem finding one.

How about a livestock trough? Clean, shiny and once again, not a trashy Wal-Mart kiddie pool.

Or if you are completely dead set on using something cheap and plastic, maybe invest in a couple of these adorable crab sandboxes. Not only are they cute but the sort or resemble the little crawfish.

Just a thought.


Chow Bella

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