Liberty Market's Burger Daze Fits Everything But Foie Gras Between Buns

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Can you eat 31 different burgers in 31 days? Business partners Joe Johnston and Chef David Traina of Liberty Market don't exactly expect you to, but they'll give you points for trying during their third annual Burger Daze event this August.

Calorie counters, beware: You'll want to avert your eyes to resist temptation. Iron guts that can endure ten burgers from the daily series will be rewarded with $25 gift cards for even more gorging. Brave souls that can stomach all 31 stacked super meals between bread receive a $100 gift card -- just save those receipts and present them by September 7th.

Regulars at Liberty Market probably know that the urban bistro-themed menu features a weekly burger special along with a standard "Tower Burger" menu item. During the longest month of the summer, the kitchen highlights some of their favorite specials from the year and gets creative with more than a few new ones.

The price per plate (each accompanied by chips) ranges from between $11-13 generally, with a few outliers -- one of which originally included a foie gras burger. Almost immediately after the press release went out with the menu, a retraction from Johnston hit inboxes, stating that, "Given the current controversy regarding foie gras and our desire to serve customers rather than offend them unnecessarily, we have replaced it."

A Filet Oscar Burger with filet, lump crabmeat, asparagus and sauce bernaise on a brioche bun takes its spot, joining a couple of other seafood sandwiches, three vegetarian offerings and plenty of beef-based burgers using Harris Ranch 100% ground chuck.

"Whatever ingredients are needed for the particular burger that day will get prepared fresh. If we need to roast a pork loin or butt, we'll roast it that day," says Traina. He notes the Dragon Burger with slow roasted pulled pork, a five spice Asian barbecue sauce and Asian slaw as one of his favorites.

Some more interesting options include a Dessert Burger on a vanilla cupcake "bun" with a brownie burger and traditional toppings made out of buttercream frosting; an oven dried tomato and goat cheese burger; and an Open Faced Meatloaf Burger served with mozzarella, roasted onions and truffle ketchup.

How many will you eat?

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