Wake Up Call

Saveur's Menu-Generating Slot Machine Solves Your Thanksgiving Woes

Whatever happened to potluck Thanksgivings? Or the days when you could whip up a few classic family recipes supplemented by store-bought pie and canned cranberries?

The answer is, those days are long gone and now hostesses are expected to turn out a beautifully brined turkey (because deep-frying is so last year) and a spread of Pinterest-worthy sides to impress the pants of those judgmental in-laws. The good news is that Saveur has come out with a simple tool to solve all our, uh, your menu- planning needs.

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Like a slot machine for menu planning, the menu generator pops out various recipes for a turkey, starch, vegetable, drink and dessert every time to click "spin."

And surprisingly, some (though not all) of the recipes are pretty simple. Of course, you could get something like Rick Bayless' recipe for Turkey in Mole Poblano, which has an ingredient list longer than the one we've got for our entire meal, but you might also get instructions for how to prep a perfect roasted turkey.

In the end, it all comes down to Lady Luck.

Try it our for yourself here.

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