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Round Two with Lori Hashimoto of Hana Japanese Eatery

Lori Hashimoto Hana Japanese Eatery 5524 N. Seventh Avenue 602-973-1238

This is part two of my interview with Lori Hashimoto, co-owner and sushi chef at Hana Japanese Eatery. In case you missed it, you can read part one of my interview with Lori Hashimoto of Hana Japanese Eatery, which ran yesterday.

Favorite Metro Phoenix restaurants other than your own: FnB, Binkley's, Posh, Citizen Public House and Café Ga Hyang

Which chef (local or national) do you most admire & why: Charleen Badman of FnB. Her cooking is so soulful and reflects so many different influences. That woman has so much energy! When she's not doing something for one of her restaurants, she's doing something for the community. I like that she has so much drive.

What do you wish every customer understood about sushi: Its beautiful simplicity. Don't put a ton of wasabi and shoyu [soy sauce] on it. Let the ingredients shine.

What do you wish every customer understood about Japanese food: That Japanese food is very subtle. Flavors come in layers -- a little salt, a little bitter, a little sour, a little sweet. You get all the tastes on your tongue. But Americans mistake subtlety for blandness. I also wish people understood the Japanese rules for plating. It's elegant -- an art form, not a selling point. What we're doing is giving respect and appreciation to the food. My mother sings and talks to the rice when she makes it every day, and no one makes it as well as my mother.

How is being a woman sushi chef different from being a man sushi chef: Why are tall people paid more? There's no difference between a man and a woman sushi chef except that women have an elevated body temperature. Their hands are too hot to make sushi. That's always been the reasoning for no women behind the sushi bar. But I'm an intelligent woman and I can make adjustments. Hands should never be all over the fish anyway. There's a saying, "one touch too much," meaning don't over-handle the food. I see novice sushi chefs holding and pressing, pressing, pressing the nigiri and I want to say, "stop!"