Stuck at My Desk: Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie

What We Ate: Marie Callenders Honey Roasted Chicken Pot Pie

The Facts: 1040 calories, 60g fat (22g saturated fat), 1760g sodium and 96g of carbs (Eek!)

Why This One: Did you know you can microwave these things now?! I sure didn't. I'm sure it's been at least 10 years since I have had one and I was craving comfort food.

Looks: Pretty Impressive for something that was nuked for 13 minutes. It looks like a pot pie that just came out of the oven complete with golden, flaky crust just like the box promised. Inside is big chucks of chicken and potatoes with corn and green beans in a thick brown sauce.

Taste: Savory fat kid food is my favorite. I'm not going to go on and on about how bad this guy is for you, or how it contains almost your entire days worth of fat (92%) because this is about taste and all that fat tastes awesome. The first bite of the rich buttery crust brought me back to when I was a little kid and my mom used to feed these to our family. I wouldn't touch the inside, I would only eat the crust and then say I was full. The chicken and vegetable are tender and tasty. The brown sauce has more of a honey and teriyaki flavor to it. I have no problem eating the insides of this gratifying dish. If curling up with a blanket on a rainy day had a taste it would taste like this pot pie. Comfort food at it's best!  
Score:  on a scale of 1- 10; I would give this a 10. I tried to only eat half due to the calorie count but gave in and polished it off and I don't even feel guilty.