Top Five Foods for a Single Person's Kitchen

Welcome to the world of singlehood!

Whether you're an old pro at goin' it alone or if you're new to the single life, I've got a couple tips for you in regards to your kitchen.

Now, because I'm a chick, this list may seem geared towards the ladies. In other words, staying slim (more like, bordering on anorexia) is a huge factor here.

But I encourage men to read it, too. Following my advice may help you drop that extra weight you gained in your previous relationship. You know how you thought she'd love you no matter what you looked like? Well, she didn't and neither will the women at the bar.

Now, I'm also going to assume that you're the kind of single person who wants to eventually land a partner. This means you're out all the time and you don't necessarily prepare meals at home.

Although if you happen to be one of those single people who loves to cook at home FOR YOURSELF and you're addicted to your TiVo and you claim that sprawling out on your queen-sized bed is the best feeling in the world, this list won't help you. In fact, not much will. Keep that crap up and you will be single forever.

Ok, so caveats aside, these are a few foods that have a long shelf life, keep you thin and are useful in emergency hunger situations.