Chow Bella

Cafe: Iruña

Small plates means you get to try more things. That's why we're practically drooling at the thought of munching tapas at Chef Aaron May's Iruña.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Iruña:

Let's start with the highlights, like succulent, perfectly seasoned filet mignon grilled with sherry and onions. The meat was outstanding, and salbitxada sauce -- a chunky, garlicky concoction with tomatoes and chopped Marcona almonds, similar to romesco -- made it unique. On top were some tender grilled green onions for an aromatic boost. This dish pushed all my carnivorous buttons.

Lamb with mustard and mint was another winner -- three juicy, tender chops. Along with it, lima bean salad dressed in mustard vinaigrette needed a bigger dose of mustard, but fresh mint was a nice foil for the charred meat...full story