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Oh, My, the Name of Scottsdale's Newest Pizza Joint Is a Bit Odd

Oh my, the name of the new pizza restaurant coming to Scottsdale is a bit odd indeed. True, it does not sound as lewd as the former Chewy Balls in Houston or as disgusting as The Golden Stool in London or even as outright offensive as Hitler's Cross in India, but it is a bit strange all the same.

At first, I misread it and thought the name was an homage to one of my favorite rock bands, whose 1976 album, "Destroyer," changed my world. Unfortunately, K.I.S.S. means exactly what you think it does: Keep It Simple, Stupid. As expected, the name comes from the "back east pizza and beef joint's" utilization of simple ingredients. But wasn't there anyone at that company meeting to raise a hand in protest -- or perhaps with another idea? And who you callin' stupid, stupid?

From the folks at The Venue Scottsdale, the event space at 7117 East Third Avenue, K.I.S.S. will be located right next door and is expected to open at the end of July.

The fast-casual restaurant will feature Chicago and New York styles of pizza offered up as whole pies or by the slice. And K.I.S.S. claims it will bring the unique taste of Chicago-style pizza to the masses by "using a process to create the same composition of water used in Chicago pizzerias." Hmm.

Also on K.I.S.S.'s menu, created by The Venue's executive chef and Chicago-born Anthony Crocenzi, are Italian beef, Italian sausage, and New York Italian grinder sandwiches, Chicago dogs, and antipasto salads.

A two-story lounge next to K.I.S.S., named V2 but pronounced "vee squared" (ugh), is also slated as coming soon.

Here's hoping the food fares better than the name.

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