New Urban Garden Ready to Launch in Downtown Tempe

Downtown Tempe's getting a little greener thanks to a new Urban Garden designed to provide fresh produce to local chefs and residents.

The project's helmed by Caffe Boa owners Jay and Christine Wisniewski, head chef Payton Curry and the Phoenix Permaculture Guild. Curry, who's been a champion of the "farm-to-table" movement, will be talking more about the garden today at 4 p.m. at the restaurant.

The public's invited -- particularly anyone interested in helping to fund raise.

The garden will be located at 5th St., north of the Tempe City Hall parking garage, and is slated to open mid-January. While local chefs may use the garden for their restaurants, foodies will be able to purchase garden goods at the weekly Market on Mill.

Along with learning more about sustainability at the reception, attendees may enjoy a selection of foods that may be grown in the garden.