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Will Ferrell Puts Out Yet Another Bizarre Guerrilla Super Bowl Ad

Will Ferrell's one man revival of Old Milwaukee beer continued with yet another guerrilla Super Bowl advertisement that only ran in a handful of tiny markets. According to Reddit, this ad, featuring Ferrell passionately kissing a woman on the bus to the strain of vintage Chinese music, ran in Sherman, Texas; Ardmore, Oklahoma; and Glendive Montana.

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This isn't the first time Old Milwaukee/Ferrell have released what is obviously designed as a viral video in a handful of small markets during the Super Bowl. If anything, this was a nationwide release compared to last year when Ferrell's ad only aired in Nebraska.

The principle behind this sort of advertising is fairly solid. Buying ad time during the Super Bowl, especially for a smaller company like Old Milwaukee, would be prohibitively expensive. However, if Will Ferrell approaches you to do some really weird ads on the cheap, it's not going to be terribly difficult to generate substantial social media buzz even if it airs in three markets with less than 100,000 people between them all.

So here we are, watching a video of Will Ferrell really getting into it with a woman on a crowded bus. If you're curious, a redditor identified the song playing in the background. Another provided a direct literal translation which either shows that Ferrell picked the song at random or that he picked the song knowing exactly how odd it would be:

This is a very literal and imperfect translation just to show you how sad it is: Spoken- Mother's favorite roses are blooming, but I will never see my mother next to them again. Mother, where are you? Really, where are you? Singing- My mother's favorite roses are blooming on the shore but I'll never see my mother next to them again. Mother, where are you? Where are you? Ai, why did you leave me here alone and desolate? Look out the window through the endless rain, perplexed and disappointed Look in the lonely room where a lamp casts tears of sadness Roses, pitiful roses, you bring so much sorrow Look out the window at the windswept roses Look in the room at the lonely pitiful flowers Roses, beautiful roses, tell me where my mother is Where is she, where is she?

Presumably all the intense face sucking in this ad are a fairly direct dig at this rather infamous GoDaddy ad.

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