Wake Up Call

Dinner with Your Dog and Pork & Pints at Chandler's BLD

The day has finally come. You can now take your dog out to dinner. I'm not just talking about having Fido tag along to whatever patio you have found that won't kick the two of you off -- this is actual dinner with your dog. 

Back in November, Chandler's BLD started a weekly event called "Dine with Your Dog" and, from what we've heard, it's been pretty successful -- especially with the pooches. BLD has an actual county-certified, dog-friendly patio that they put to good use every single Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. You get to chow down on $5 happy hour appetizers and indulge in $3 cocktails and your canine companion gets to have a very special chef-prepared doggie meal ($4). 

What's on the menu for the pups? Find out after the jump...

Choose from chicken, turkey, ground beef and for the puppies out there that stay away from eating other animals, there is a special seasonal veggie dish just for them (if your pooch has a sensitive stomach, you can also bring his/her own food to dinner). 

This sounds pretty cool and I would love to take one of my three pooches out to dinner after a good run at the dog park but they don't exactly have, how should I say it, "manners." I can just picture it now -- my 14-year-old chihuahua/pound mutt attacking every dog that gets within 10 feet of her food; my four-pound pomchi taking off like a bat out hell the second a bigger dog came near her; my newest pound beast -- a 10-month-old, 40-pound chihuahua/rottweiler (that's what the pound told me but she looks more like a boxer mini pin) -- breaking free from her collar and her harness to gobble up every single plate of food on that poor patio. Not a pretty (although possibly a very funny) mental image. 

So therefore, I will not be attending this event anytime soon BUT if you have a well-behaved  dog you should totally check it out. 

Reservations are recommended since the comfy patio only seats 30 dog and human guests. Seating times are 5 and 6:30 p.m. AND if you don't like dogs then consider this your heads up to stay away from BLD's patio until 8 p.m. 

And be sure to check out BLD's upcoming Pork & Pints dinner on Thursday, January 19th. Four-courses of pork including pulled pork sliders, thai-stule pork kabobs, apple glazed pork loin and salted caramel ice cream with candied bacon. Pair those dishes up with beers from FourPeaks, Napa Smith, SanTan, and Breckenridge and you have yourself quite a meal. Dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. sharp and will cost you $45 ++. 

Sorry, Bowser is not invited to that one. 

For reservations for either event, call BLD at 480-779-8646. 

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