Events at Carly's and Free Food from Il Vinaio

It's officially Friday and that only means one thing: another list of awesome food tweeters compiled by Chow Bella.

This time around our list is filled with the top four restaurants who fill their timelines with deals, free stuff, and food porn aplenty.

Joe's Real BBQ (@joesrealbbq)

Another awesome account, Joe's Real BBQ tweets often about free food events, delicious food porn, and a few giveaways to lucky followers.

Il Vinaio (@ilvinaio)

Of all the tweeters, Il Vinaio is quite possibly the social media king. The restaurant blasts its Twitter account with the latest taps and food items, as well as their #WINEWEDNESDAY deals and Foursquare challenges for free appetizers. Following their Twitter will undoubtedly lead you on a social media foodie endeavor.

Carly's Bistro (@CarlysBistro)

This bistro's Twitter is pretty much based around dropping awesome events, deals or spur of the moment entertainers. Keeping on their timeline really does put you in the know and one step ahead of other non-social media savvy customers.

Tanzy (@TanzyRestaurant)

This Scottsdale restaurant regularly updates their account with photos of all the food action and all sorts of contests for free lunches and $100 bar tabs. Following these guys just might mean a free meal in your future (which by our count, isn't a bad deal at all).