Eating Christmas

Kristin Grady Gilger's Red Jell-O Christmas

Ah, the holidays. Christmas is all about love, sharing, sweetness and light -- and keeping the antacids handy. In keeping with the spirit of the season, Chow Bella presents "Eating Christmas," in which some of our favorite writers nosh on the real lessons we learn this time of year. Today, it wouldn't be Christmas at the Gilger home without a lot of red Jell-O.

There are two types of holiday meals: the kind I'd like to make and the kind I actually make.

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It's not that I'm bad in the kitchen. I'm actually pretty good, considering that I spend so little time there. Holidays are the one day a year when my husband and I reverse our reversed roles: Gary does the traditional husband thing -- watch football, eat dip and nap -- while I hunt for the knives and try to remember the old rhythms of cutting-chopping-basting-tasting. (Well, I never actually forgot the tasting part.)