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Anthropologie's New Tabletop Design Tool

Beware: The new tabletop design tool in the At Home section of Anthropologie's site is way too much fun. 

If you love a lovingly crafted tabletop, but can't afford to take home everything from our favorite chain store, you can get swept away in designing your own dream brunch-on-the-porch table settings using some of the chicest pieces right now.

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It's a polyvore-style tool that encourages you to mix and match coordinating colors and styles but still has a vibe where you might have collected these plates, pitchers and teacups at estate sales over the years. You'll find the token bird plates to pair with things like Italian handblown glass tumblers and bronze flatware.

The tool doesn't let you use all the items they carry but it's a great way to get your internet food fun on without breaking the wallet or waistline. It sure does makes us want to hit up the neighborhood yard sales this weekend and play mix and match out on the grass.