Budget Beat

Rosita's Place: Lunch $10 and Under

Rosita's Place isn't a new spot, but it's a good spot -- especially if you like chips still hot when they get to the table (They cost a $1.00, but are worth it). The chips come with two small bowls of fresh house made salsa, one red and one green. Both of which are spicy, flavorful and hot. We find ourselves taking a bite of first one, then another, then repeating - trying to determine which one is best. We're split. This is the kind of contest we like. 

Further evidence of this red/green conundrum -- we order the green chili burrito enchilada style for $6.35. Green chili and refried beans on the inside, red enchilada sauce poured over the top. The green chili had tender chunks of beef that fell apart when the fork hit them and over the top a generous amount of melted cheese. 

​Our dining companion ordered a trio of tacos - one chorizo, one pollo, and one carne asada. Each for around $3.00. They came with a generous scoop of guacamole and sour cream. Again, we were stumped as to which was the best. 

Rosita's is a sit-down, family style place -- there are Saltillo tiled floors and bright canary yellow walls. It's a clean, down-to-earth place with good food and casual service where the waitresses wear turquoise blue Senorita outfits. 

​Two things about Rosita's that make us smile - the handwritten sign on the wall that says, "Please control your children", and the menu item called "Divorced eggs" which is two eggs - one with green sauce, the other with red - separated by beans. Since we can't make up our mind on our preferred salsa we may have to try this dish on our next visit.