Caffiend: Dutch Bros. Red Bull Smoothie

There aren't too many variations of Red Bull drinks we haven't tried. The seminal energy drink seems to blend well with just about any kind of booze, which makes for the equivalent of a liquid speed ball.

But what if you just want the Red Bull energy boost? You could drink it straight from the can, but Dutch Bros. coffee offers a tasty, frozen variation that's perfect for Phoenix's hot, sunny days.

Dutch Bros. Red Bull Smoothie
4 West Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013

There's not much to the recipe for the Red Bull Smoothie -- basically, it's one eight-ounce can of Red Bull, blended with ice into a slushy consistency. Dutch Bros. also allows patrons to pick a flavor shot for their Red Bull Smoothie. We went with the blackberry shot, which lent an extra sweet, syrupy kick to the drink. Overall, the energy boost from the smoothie (which really is more of a slushy) is more intense than just drinking a can of Red Bull, for two reasons: 1) there's extra sugar in the smoothie if you get a flavor shot, and 2) it tastes so yummy that sipping is not an option. So while you might be able to nurse a can of Red Bull for hours, this drink will disappear down your throat straightaway. We give Dutch Bros. an A+ for this fruity, cold, energy-boosting goodness.