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Scottsdale Farmers' Market Now Offering Delivery Service

Even those of us who swore off processed, non-local foods after sitting through Food, Inc. and Super Size Me occasionally find it difficult to drag our lazy, hungover asses out of bed finish up with our morning errands in time for the farmers' market over the weekend.

North Scottsdale Farmers' Market founders Merissa Ramos and Mary Lineback came up with an awesome solution to that little problem -- a cheap, easy delivery service that brings fresh farmers' market veggies and produce directly to your doorstep.

"We felt that customers should not have to compromise their beliefs in supporting local farmers and businesses because life can sometimes get in the way," says Ramos.

Almost every food product offered at the physical market can be delivered, from Rock House Cattle Co. ribeyes to Doctor Hummus dips, The Backyard Farmer's chicken eggs and green beans from Hom's Thai Garden. You can even score handmade tamales and baked goods. And unlike a CSA -- where you risk being stuck with 20 turnips or 5 heads of wilted lettuce -- you get to pick exactly what you want.

How it works (and what's the $$ damage), after the jump...

It's a pretty sweet system: just check the box for each product you want on the ordering website, and a farmers' market rep will call for payment info. For the cost of the selected items plus a $3 fee (slightly more if you live past a ten mile radius of the market at 9375 E. Shea Blvd.), the bagged groceries will be delivered to your door on Saturday morning. Still sleeping, or not at home? Leave a cooler by the door and your food will magically appear.

Looks like there will be no excuse to leave the party early on Friday nights this summer!

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