Campus Coffee: Drive-Thru Breakfast at D'lish

Can you remember the last time you had a salad with fresh, crisp spring greens, strawberries, goat cheese, candied walnuts, and pomegranate vinaigrette -- from a drive-thru? What about coffee that didn't taste like a foot?

If you answered "never", give D'lish Kitchen and Coffee House a try. We must admit we are impressed with their mission to make fast food fresh and healthy. But more than that, their food is just so darn tasty.

D'lish operates in the remnants of an old burrito shop off of Scottsdale Road near Thomas, which is why the building has a drive-thru. They also offer indoor and patio seating.

Though it only stays open until 3 p.m., D'lish seems to have a loyal following that forms a line of cars in the morning. Maybe it's the coffee (though we prefer their dirty chai), but we have a feeling it's the full breakfast menu that keeps people stopping.

Breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches on bialys, and yogurt parfaits are all available for breakfast. We were pretty happy to find a fast food breakfast burrito that wasn't slathered in grease.

For the noon-to-three crowd, D'lish serves the fruits'n'nuts salad, flatbread pizzas, a hummus plate, and paninis, all of which live up to the cafe's name. Since every D'lish main dish is under $8, it's pretty difficult to say no.

Overall, D'lish has speedy, friendly service coupled with guilt-free drive-thru treats, something even In-N-Out can't offer us. We're pretty jealous of the SCC students who get to stop in every morning before class.

We spent this week hopping from Glendale to Mesa, finishing off in Scottsdale. For now, Campus Coffee is going to take a much needed rest, but, as always, make sure to tip your barista!