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The Single Malt & Scotch Whiskey Extravaganza and Sweet Pepper Soup in Today's Eater's Digest

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Whiskey Extravaganza
If you're a scotch or whiskey connoisseur you are not going to want to miss out on the 18th Annual Single Malt & Scotch Whiskey Extravaganza happening this Thursday at the Arizona Biltmore. Here is your opportunity to sample several different varieties of fine scotch and whiskey from producers such as McCallan, Dewer's, Glenlivet, and many more. A buffet dinner will be served as well as a selection of imported cigars for "dessert". Business attire is preferred. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Click here for more details.

Sweet Pepper Soup
Yesterdays rain filled day compelled us to make a big batch of warm soup. We went with this funny little Irish Pub Pepper Soup from Girl Cooks World. Mild sweet peppers and a good dose of butter and cream chased away those rainy day blues.