Wake Up Call

This Man Eats Nothing But Raw Meat -- Oh, and Rotten Raw Meat.

We're really wishing our gag reflex had an on/off switch right about now because after reading (and checking out photos) of how Derek Nance eats, our stomachs are feeling a bit queasy.

Five years ago, Nance began having trouble eating. For reasons unknown to him and his doctors, he lost his appetite and wasn't able to keep food down. He was losing weight despite all attempts to modify his eating habits -- until he switched to an all-raw-meat diet.

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The crazy diet has been working for him for the past five years, and these days, he even brushes his teeth with animal fat. He says he got the idea from a dentist named Weston Price who studied the health benefits of eating raw meat in the 1930s. For Nance, making the switch was as easy as going out back and slaughtering the two goats he was keeping for milk. ("I was tired of milking them, so I slaughtered them," he tells Vice.)

As far as adjustment went, he says it was pretty smooth -- with the exception of a slight case of the runs when he first started. After a week, however, he says he felt healthier than ever.

Nance eats rotten meats on occasion because he say the probiotics in rotten meat help him digest better. He also eats organ meat and connective tissue in order to get the proper amount of vitamin C, which takes the idea of eating offal to a whole new level.

And because the universe loves irony, his girlfriend is vegetarian. Though she says she understands he has no choice since his eating habits are tied to his health.

Check out some sickening pics of Nance with blood and guts in his teeth (and one of his fridge, which holds a full sheep's head he plans to crack open and eat brains out of later) on Vice.

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