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4 Reasons McDonald's Outsells Burger King by Double

The battle for fast food money is still dominated by McDonald's, which has about 35,000 restaurants worldwide. Compare that to Burger King's 12,000 restaurants and it's easy to see that McDonald's has invaded the world with Happy Meals and Big Macs. However, according to Business Week, if you compare the fast food giants by individual locations (and not just total sold), McDonald's is still selling twice as much as Burger King. There are a few reasons why.

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Business Week says that the $2.6 million McDonald's averages per location has many contributing factors. First and foremost, McDonald's spent more than 16 times what Burger King did in advertising in 2013. The ads and pervasive restaurant placement clearly work because Burger King's sales per restaurant was about $1.2 million. However, it isn't all about ads.

Off-peak offerings like breakfast and snack options drive sales in times when other fast food chains are pretty much dead, or even closed. The article also notes the power of the Happy Meal, which aggressively markets to children and therefore brings in women more effectively than other chains. Finally, McDonald's is about 9 seconds faster per average drive-thru visit than Burger King, allowing it to serve more customers during high-volume service times.

Though these four reasons illustrate how McDonald's controls the fast food market, we can think of about 100 reasons why you should spend your hard-earned cash at pretty much any other restaurant -- but that's another story entirely.

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