Closed for Business

CLOSED: Aiello's East Coast Italian Dining

After almost five years, Aiello's, the Italian restaurant at 5202 North Central Avenue owned by husband-and-wife team and ex-Manhattanites Joe and Myrah Aiello, has been shuttered.

A neighborhood favorite, Aiello's was known for affordable Italian dishes such as lasagna, with its sausage-studded sauce, as well as delicate gnocchi and melt-in-your-mouth veal saltimbocca alla Romana. It also was known for its endearing customer service.

A phone message from Joe and a corresponding Facebook post read as follows:

"Hello, good friends and customers,

Unfortunately, after almost five fantastic years, we had to close.

Please come see us at our Italian deli for the same great Italian food in a casual setting, or at Isa's Pizza, our wonderful new addition to the Salumeria. Also, come check out our new restaurant Charr, and American Burger Bar, which will open next week. All three are located at 7th Street and Thunderbird on the SE Corner.

Thank you for all your continued support and patronage, and don't worry, WE WILL RETURN!"

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