5 Ways to Drink Your Halloween Candy

Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, so combining candy AND liquor must be a jovial jaunt to inebriation.

If you've  got a bowl full of Halloween candy and some alcohol in your cabinet, why not get creative and really trick-or-treat.

Here are 5 ideas to get make some Candyland-style boozy magic.

1. Candy-infused vodka

Combine cheap vodka, candy, an airtight vessel, a coffee filter and a little time -- and you've got a delicious cocktail mixer. Some tried and true candy/vodka combos:

Candy corn - As a kid, the only good use of this quintessential Halloween candy was to pretend it was a nasty witches tooth.  Now soak the grainy, sugary nuggets  in vodka for a Halloween-ready martini mixer.

Skittles - Taste the vodka-infused rainbow. The most attractive method requires separating the Skittles by color (about 60 each) and soaking them in 6 ounces of vodka overnight (or until they dissolve). Straining the leftover liquid, and then packaging them in clear bottles to showcase their now-potent hue.

Pop Rocks - A few dudes from the Infusions of Grandeur blog perfected the 3 packet of Pop Rocks per mayonnaise jar of vodka. Sixteen minutes later and you have an artificially fruity concoction that won't kill you a la "Mikey."

Candy canes - Holiday festivities are right around the corner. Why not get into the minty spirit with an essence of candy cane.

Read more candy and liquor combinations after the jump.

2. Alcoholic Blizzard
Your favorite childhood Dairy Queen dessert can fuck you up as an adult. Blend together your ice cream base with 1 oz each of brandy, irish cream, coffee liqueur, rum with 2 scoops of ice cream, then stir in chunks of your favorite frozen candy bar. Result: frozen bliss.

3. Jolly Rancher beer
Beer lovers aren't immune to the confection fun (though a few have been thoroughly disgusted by this proposal). Homebrew site, has a recipe for apple lambic using 4 pounds of apple-flavored Jolly Ranchers. Yep -- 4 POUNDS of Jolly Ranchers...and a variety of complicated ingredients and processes to make their candy beer. Try at your own risk.

4. Chocktails
Milk + melted chocolate + alcohol of choice = chocktail.
Add amaretto to the mixture and you've got an Amazing Amaretto. Add coffee liqueur and bam, Seattle Spiced Mocha. Add some Bailey's, and you're enjoying an Irish Cream. Add Frangelico, and just call it heaven.

5. Rum, Coke and Pixie Stix
An anonymous donor submitted this Pixie-filled drink to 4 1/2 oz of light rum, Cola or Pepsi and 3 Pixie Stix. Happy combination or horrifying? You decide.