Ranch-Dressing Flavored Mints, Maggot-Covered Candy Apples -- and Worse

We rarely meet a candy that we won't try, let alone one we don't like. These 6 candies sound so disgusting we are not even willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. So here we go judging books by their covers and knocking it before we try it. Hey,the line has to be drawn somewhere!
6. Ranch, Corndog, and Garlic "Mints" - Who wouldn't want to suck on a giant glob of ranch(as in the salad dressing), savor the taste of corndogs, or of course, give themselves garlic breath? We are pretty sure you will need a real mint after eating these grosser then gross candies. And it's cool, there is no need to share. 

5. Tequila Flavored Lollipop - To start with tequila is effing gross and so are those poor worms that have been preserved in this foul tasting hard candy.

This goes for any of the Hotlix candies. Ants, crickets, butterflies, Habanero, all of them. yuck yuck and more yuck. Keep all of your creepy worm suckers, BBQ Larvets,  Salt and Vinegar Crickets, Scorpion Brittle,and Chocolate Insects away from us (we are game to try your horchata sucker, that sounds amazing!).

4. Chum Bucket Candy - These gummies are actually flavored with "Artificial Seafood Flavor"(no joke, check the label). That can't be good. Maybe if you combine them with the garlic mints, it could make shrimp scampi in your mouth. You can try it and lets us know, cause these little fish aren't coming near our mouths.

Maggot Covered Caramel Apple - Come on! Who eats this?! I guess the some daring Brits do, cause that's where you can get this disgusting pile of crunch worms. Caramel apples are so good, why yucky them up? (ok so

it's not techincally a candy, but caramel is, so therefore it counts.)

2.  Lavender Candy -  Lavender is for soap. Soap is for cleaning and making things smell nice. Lavender should not go in your mouth! the only exception would be if you are washing your kids mouth out with soap for swearing, although that might be considered child abuse these days so again, Lavender should not go in mouths!

1. Tyrkish Pebar - Turkish Hot Pepper Candy. This candy is not from Turkey, but from our Dutch friends. Flavored with Ammonium Chloride (a salt derived from ammonia) and pepper which gives it a very strong licorice flavor. The center of the colorful Hot and Sour variety are filled with ....pepper? Let's recap, that's salt, ammonia, licorice and pepper. This beyond gross combo is apparently popular in Germany, Denmark and Finland where it is used to make the Finnish cocktail Salmiakkikoskenkorva(Try saying that five times fast).And they can go ahead and keep it.