Chow Bella

10 Best Things I Ate in September

Another month, another look back at the best things I ate during September.

From dishes like my new favorite carne asada taco to magnificent Mediterranean eats to a killer lasagna my dining companion likened to the work of the devil, here are 10 of the best things I ate this month selected from reviews, first-time visits, and places I've popped into just because.

I hope it inspires. Enjoy.

Bastila from Alzouhour

Moroccan bastila is an exotic delight -- a rich and sumptuous sweet and savory pie with a jaw-dropping presentation and a taste like Christmas. At Alzouhour, the tiny Middle Eastern eatery, bakery, and market in Phoenix, owner Zhor Saad makes hers with chicken and almonds stuffed into a phyllo crust sweetened with cinnamon and sugar ($19.99). Typically prepared for special occasions, it's only fitting that this hearty meat pie comes big enough to enjoy with a few friends.