Budget Beat

$10 Lunch at Chloe's Corner

Lounge music plays pleasantly at Chloe's Corner as we arrive for lunch.

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The CityScape location has high ceilings and large windows that let in sunlight, making it feel bright and airy inside.

Walking in, we notice the place is divided into several different sections. We can either seat ourselves after we have ordered, order food to go, or sit down at the bar section that features a full-service menu. On top of that, this rather expansive "corner" has a coffee and pastry counter, which serves 50-cent small coffees.

We decide to eat in, and order with the cashier.

A cold roast beef sandwich for $7.75 and chipotle-raspberry turkey sandwich (also $7.75) are on the near horizon for us.

After ordering, we take a window seat at the back of the shop and people watch as we wait for our food to be served. This is easy to do, as the windows in the back give us a prime view of what is going on in the heart of the city and our table lets us observe lunch goers.

Inside the restaurant, people are just getting in for lunch (we had lunch fairly early). Considering it is only steps away from most office buildings in the area, most people are dressed in business attire; it is a casual eatery, so families would do well here, too.

A short while later, two gargantuan sandwiches are placed in front of us.

Roast beef, piled high on a focaccia roll, with pickles, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, and mustard, arrives on a plate with a few extra slices of pickle on the side.

A simple, straightforward sandwich, the mustard rounds out the ingredients used. The roast beef was juicy and had a slightly peppery flavor.

The other sandwich has bacon, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and a slightly smoky-tasting raspberry spread (from the chipotle), served on ciabatta bread. Pickles on the side.

There is something about the combination of smokey chipotle and sweet raspberry that just works so well together. The bacon gets a boost from the spread's smokey sweetness and the mild tasting turkey stands out as a result. The lettuce and tomato add freshness.

Before we know it, the sandwiches are gone.

Two people had lunch here for a total of $16.94.

Chloe's Corner 50 W. Jefferson St. Phoenix, AZ 85003

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