Cafe Reviews

32 Shea: An Oasis of Cozy With a Cocktail Or Two

Have you been to 32 Shea? It is a place you could easily spend a few hours. Unpretentious and as welcoming as its small menu of simple staples, the feeling upon entering, even to first-timers, rings familiar.

Here's a taste:

"There is a drive-thru where chai lattes pass through the window before the workday begins and a nice little patio (larger than the restaurant, actually) where pals and, if they wish, their pooches can take in some midday rays and nourishment. But it is at night -- sitting at one of a handful of dark wood tables, or the small bar, inside the gray room with lazily spinning ceiling fans, a décor composed of local art and in-view beer-case storage, and an eclectic mix of music overhead -- that the little cafe feels the most big-city."

Oh, and they do a lot with Nutella, too.

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