Wake Up Call

The $666 Douche Burger. For Real.

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Finally, a burger for the 1 percent! The Douche Burger is a $666 burger off New York City's 666 Burger food truck. According to Melissa Dowell, an artist who helped gild the burger for a photo shoot -- we'll come back to that -- the burger starts with a piece of foie gras encased in "Kobe" beef, covered in aged Gruyere and topped with lobster and caviar, smothered in truffle butter and then gilded with gold flake. Oh, and there's a BBQ sauce, a BBQ sauce reduced with coffee. Too pedestrian? It would be if the coffee wasn't Kopi Luwak coffee, artisanal beans harvested from the droppings of a tiny tree cat.

If pre-Duck Tales/Christmas Story Scrooge McDuck ate a burger after a quick dip in his Money Bin, it would look like this.

Melissa told us in an email that gilding an entire burger requires around five sheets of gold leaf. That's about $20 of gold just to make the burger look shiny.

In an interview with Bloomberg Business Week, the burger's creator Franz Aliquo, explains that he created this burger as a reaction to all the other douche burgers out there. On Facebook, 666 Burger specifically called out Serendipity's $295 burger which rolled out a couple months ago. Aliquo says he was offended by the fact that the Serendipity burger comes with a commemorative diamond toothpick. Their Facebook page also outlines 666 Burger's burger purist manifesto, "Beef. Bread. Maybe cheese. " They go on to say that burgers "should taste like animals, not toppings."They also lay claim to making a burger "so delicious they're evil." And they do take that evil bit seriously. It should come as no surprise that the 666 Burger is painted what can only be described as, Murder Metal Black, sports a burger-themed upside-down pentagram and that every one of their burgers is served after a pentagram branding.

Aliquo openly admits it's a joke but insists that this burger is actually on their menu and that any asshole who wants one can buy one. To date only one person has actually purchased the Douche Burger. Of course, the photo does seem a little too perfect and it is somewhat curious that the photo doesn't appear to be taken outside of the truck. Maybe Lance was a big enough douche canoe to demand that they cater it in.

As a bonus, it would appear that this burger is the most expensive burger in the world. Serendipity previously held the title but its puny $295 simply can't hold a candle to the cathedral of excess that is the Douche Burger. Of course, in Serendipity's defense, its extra-pretentious burger was designed specifically as a fundraising vehicle. Profits from the burger are supposed to go toward New York's homeless. Still, a gold-plated diamond encrusted toothpick?

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