A Weekend in Santa Barbara

It's summertime, which means it's the perfect chance to make an exodus from the Valley, either by hitting the open road or jetting off to somewhere cool. Over the next few weeks, Jackalope Ranch will profile a few unique destinations around Arizona and the southwest that are perfect places for a daytrip or a weekend getaway.

It's time to address what Phoenicians have zipped up and neglected in the closet -- their suitcases. Right about now, Arizonans need a refreshing destination like the one between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains. Here is the city of Santa Barbara.

The first-class beach town offers opportunities for both energetic and relaxed vacationers. Visitors can go jet-skiing, windsurfing and kayaking -- or a beach chair, lounge in the sand and soak in the scenery. A quick excursion to the seaside city serves as a much-deserved break.