CityScape: A Semi-Guided Tour of the City's New Jungle

Downtown's CityScape is hosting the grand opening of its first phase tonight with a State of Downtown Address from Phil Gordon. The real shenanigans continue through the weekend, as various stores and restaurants host their own opening parties, concerts, and happy hours.

The million dollar, two-phase project, at 1 E. Washington St., has been the subject of much downtown celebration and frustration. We'll admit, it's exciting to have a few more places to go after sunset, but the two block, mixed-use, urban project doesn't exactly blend with Downtown's existing "urban" lifestyle and has been accused of swallowing surrounding local businesses and local culture.

For an in-depth on the project, check out Robrt Pela's Surreal Estate and for a rundown on the jungle's foodscape, keep up with our foodie sister, Chow Bella.

In the meantime, print out the board game above (or a full-size version here), along with the directions (after the jump), and take our very own fully loaded semi-guided tour of CityScape.


- dice
- a valid ID for each player
- a few place markers, though drawing markers will do if you plan on playing this game only once (recommended).
- a cooler full of the following: vodka, wine, tequila, fat tire, pbr, tomato juice, a few pickles, a few limes, pink lemonade powder, goldschlager, tissues

The game's played like Life, Monopoly, or any other board game you've ever played, except this one involves the real world, and booze.

Players take turns rolling the dice and moving markers/marking off spots as they move across the board. Each player must stop at each numbered square and complete the task assigned to each number.

The goal of the game ... other than survival and not getting arrested is to land on the spot marked "Cheers". Brownie points will be given to players who find Patriots Park by the end of the game and a place to park in the beginning of the game.

Fair Warning: It's a jungle out there and public consumption of alcohol outside of bars/restaurants is illegal, therefore this game can also be played within the comfort of your own home or office.

Follow the directions as you land on the following:

1. Congratulations, you've found somewhere to park. One shot of tequila per team member (lime is optional). You're going to need it from here on out.

2. Take a jog upstairs and you've found Lucky Strike Lanes. One shot of vodka. (The Russians are good at bowling, right?) Now, go back downstairs.

3. Ah, luxury groceries. This is Oakville, an upscale chain that originated in Napa. One swig of wine.

4. Caught jaywalking! Hand the cooler to another team member and hide the board game.

5. Look across the way and up the stairs to see what will be the Breakfast Club. One shot of tomato juice for Molly Ringwald.

6. You've arrived at the Tilted Kilt. No drinks, but you must perform one jig.

7.Oh! A courtyard. Hide behind one tree (challenge is to find one) and chug one beer.

8. This is where LGO Public House is going to be! One more swig of wine for the Arcadia-types who might venture out to see it.

9. On the second floor is Rasputin Vodka Bar. You know what that means -- one shot of vodka. Feeling it yet?

10. Stay on the second floor for a peek into Gold's Gym. At this point you can break out the goldschlager, or take a break and watch a few downtowners break a sweat.

11. Urban Outfitters. Sigh. Chug one PBR.

12. Welcome to the Designer District and Ninety Days. Both pretty posh hang outs, which means you should probably figure out how to consume that pink lemonade powder.

13. Jimmy John's. Hope you stopped at the ATM. How about you get some fried something to soak up the alcohol?

14. And if you're still hungry, there's always Five Guys. Except here, we introduce the cheeseburger shot: one shot tomato juice, a few pickles, one shot tequila. Good luck!

15. Looks like you might have survived! And you're in what looks like a courtyard. Take a deep breath, take a load off on the nice hard concrete and soak up some Vitamin D. No, not Vitamin T, that's across the way ...