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Artlink Launches Third Friday "Collectors Tours"

Third Friday in downtown Phoenix has long-been the unofficial art walk for community members who want to skip the hustle of First Friday, be able to find a parking spot remotely near the galleries, and have a chance to interact with artists and curators.

And this month, Artlink is jumping on the bandwagon and giving local art collectors an opportunity to jump on the trolley and hit up a few highlights.

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On November 16 from 6 to 9 p.m., Artlink will host a trolley tour of three exhibitions. According to Artlink, guides will provide background on the spaces and galleries and "provide context on the contemporary art scene in downtown Phoenix."

The nonprofit group has played a big part in the arts community for almost 25 years. And while the group's been known to have its fair share of disagreements between board members and its annual Art Detour event has drawn its own criticism from those who think the arts community doesn't need a coined annual event and could use year-round support, bringing serious collectors and non-seasoned gallery-goers to art spaces and providing history and insight could be just what Downtown artists need to survive (or at least, to pay the rent).

This month's gallery stops include: Willo North Gallery - featuring "Fauna/Fauna" with work by Christy Puetz and Carolyn Lavender; Michael Marlowe's studio at Jackson Street Studios, and Sue Chenoweth, "Real and Applied" at Modified Arts.

Per Third Friday tradition, galleries will have light refreshments and attendees will be able to ask the artists about the artists' work and process.

Tickets are $35 and seating is limited. Reservations can be made through the Third Friday Collectors Tours Eventbright page or info can be mailed to [email protected] with your name, number of seats, contact information and best time to reach you.

Stay tuned for more Third Friday must-sees and information about Artlink's 25th Art Detour, scheduled for March 2 and 3, 2013.

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