Orange Is the New Black: The Five Best Sex Scenes from Season One (NSFW)

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

There are plenty of compelling reasons to watch Weeds creator Jenji Kohan's new show Orange Is the New Black, the latest Netflix original series. But some of the comedy-drama's most interesting scenes are also its steamiest. Not to mention the show's cast is super-sexy and includes Laura Prepon, a.k.a hot Donna from That 70s Show, playing a tall, dark, and drop-dead gorgeous lesbian-slash-convicted drug dealer named Alex. If that doesn't make you want to drop the prison show into your queue right away, then you're just not living life to its full potential.

Since the show's binge-watchers already are awaiting eagerly the release of season two (which will be out in 2014) and others haven't gotten into it yet, here are the five best sex scenes from the first season of Orange Is the New Black to entice and/or recap.

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Piper stripteases for Alex and leaves her wanting more.

Piper gives a seductive performance for her drug-runner girlfriend, Alex. This little act is too much for Alex to bear and so she convinces Piper to come with her on a "business" trip to Bali that lands her in prison 10 years later.

Nichols and Morello get wet.

As Piper finishes her terrifying first shower in prison, she glances over at two women who seemingly could care less about when and where they have sex. Nicky Nichols, played by Natasha Lyonne, notices Piper staring at them, looks out over Morello's thigh, and gives Piper a devilish little smile.

Show, don't tell.

Alex and Piper share a quickie in one of the supply closets in the prison. Because where else are you going to get down and dirty in prison? Piper gets hot, bothered, and hyper-communicative. Alex replies with possibly the sexiest line ever and says to Piper, "Shhh. Show, don't tell."

Like a prayer

It's Thanksgiving at Litchfield's Correctional Facility for women, but Piper has to spend it in solitary confinement for dancing inappropriately with Alex. Although it was just a little bump and grind to get into the holiday spirit, it was just enough to get Piper sent to the SHU (Special Housing Unit). Upon her release, she's had enough BS for one day, finds Alex in her bunk, and pulls her to the chapel so they can finally let off some steam together.

In the beginning

This scene occurs approximately 20 seconds into the very first episode. Although short, it's a favorite because, well, you've got two hot girls in a shower, and it happens in the first 20 seconds.

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