Poisoned Pen Conference Brings Authors and Book Geeks Together at the Biltmore

Anyone can sense the coming of an M. Night Shyamalan twist from a mile away. Oh, that strict, strange, old-timey cult is actually living on a compound in modern times? I couldn't tell from the painfully obvious hints you dropped a quarter of the way into the film.

For mystery and thriller purists, there really is only one medium to consider: books. With the written word, you get to avoid Shyamalan-esque "revelations." Plus, there's an entire bookstore in town devoted to nothing but rocking out with your Sherlock out.

Join the Poisoned Pen and fellow whodunit fiends to celebrate some of their favorite books and authors during the Poisoned Pen Conference, featuring talks and book signings from such names as Linda Fairstein, Joseph Kanon, Alex Kava, Martin Limon, Francine Matthews, Jesse Kellerman and more during the two-day event at the Arizona Biltmore.

-- By Christina Caldwell

Price: $20

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