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Native Phoenix Artists Make Strong Showing in Santa Fe

Phoenix artists are no stranger to The City Different -- that is Santa Fe, New Mexico. And last week some major things happened for Phoenix artists in the Land of Enchantment. During the third weekend of August, artists, and creative types gather in New Mexico for the annual Indian Market, gallery openings, new exhibits, films, fashion shows, and concerts that celebrate Native creativity. In addition to all that, this year there was a new market launched. Here's a rundown on all the Phoenix-related happenings from pop-up style events and murals to gallery openings and new markets.

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On Thursday, August 21, the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) hosted an opening reception for its summer and fall exhibits, featuring pop-up markets and the trio of fashion bloggers from Presence 4.0. Two of the blog's founders and editors, Jaclyn Roessel and Nanibaa Beck, call Phoenix home and you're probably familiar with their faces. Also at MoCNA, Phoenix printmaker Jacob Meders set up his limited edition print stand so that art hungry audiences in Santa Fe could purchase the $3 prints sold out of a converted newspaper rack.

Thursday also featured the opening of Santa Fe's newest art market, IFAM (Indigenous Fine Art Market), which debuted to solid crowds. The Market was partially organized by Nanibaa Beck, and she proudly sold her work, including her popular necklaces, from her NotAbove line.

Continuing to shake things up, Doug Miles and crew not only participated in the IFAM market but also SWAIA's Indian Market. On Thursday Miles organized an all-ages skate boarding competition (IFAMily Affair), Friday he opened his show "The Art of Apache Resistance" at the Allan Houser Gallery, and Saturday his crew was part of a live art demo at the TimeShip Racing Skate School. All of his work got attention from state-wide press in New Mexico, so rest assured Arizona is being represented by the most poignant thought leaders.

Thomas "Breeze" Marcus showcased stellar work again at Blue Rain Gallery but also painted a mural at the Santa Fe TimeShip Racing Skate School with Colton Brock of Apache Skateboards as part of the arts happenings at the school. The result, like last year's mural in Santa Fe, was epic.

Like icing on the cake of a creative convergence Lakota Scott "trunk-showed" her items at IFAM and around town wherever fans could be found. Soon enough lots of trendy gals were sporting the "Summer Months" shirt on Sunday afternoon. Want one? She's taking orders through August 31.

Finally on a sad note, Native Appropriations blogger Adrienne Keene who has called Phoenix her home for the last year announced that she is moving on to a new position at Brown University on the east coast as a post-doctoral researcher. Phoenix loses a little street-cred with the departure of Keene who gracefully gave many interviews to national outlets from Phoenix this past year.

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