Frédéric Malle Launches Home Frangrances at Barneys New York

Frédéric Malle broke out the bubbly and the butter cookies to celebrate the launch his new home fragrances line (read: candles), at Barneys New York in Scottsdale Fashion Square Saturday night.

Malle gets his "nose" from his grandfather, Serge Heftler-Louiche. Heftler Louiche was a childhood friend of Christian Dior who helped launch Dior's perfumes. He credits his impeccable style to his mother, who was an art director at the house of Dior for decades.

With trappings of French fashion royalty, Malle could be the picture of arrogance, but he's really a charmer. He schmoozed with fawning fans all night and gave us a one-on-one scent consultation for home and body.

(Click through for our favorites and the lowdown on Malle's "smelling columns.")

To smell Malle's candles, you lift the glass case over each to your nose and take a whiff of the scent captured in the dome rather than smelling the candle directly.

If you want to spend upwards of $80 on a candle, check Barneys for our favorites, Un Gardenia la Nuit (the most expensive at $140) and Coffee Society ($95), then feel free to invite us over for dinner.

While you're at Barneys, make sure to check out Malle's signature "smelling columns" -- glass cylinders he invented when he "eschewed the barbaric mall practice of spritzing perfumes on customers' wrists."

Malle demonstrates: Open the door and turn off the fan that creates a vacuum inside the column. Spritz the fragrance of your choice. Close the door for a few seconds. Open the door and inhale deeply. Flick on the fan and repeat.

"It's like an oven," Malle says. The smell wafts out and the fan clears the column for the next scent. It's a little much, given that Malle later spritzed our forearms with the same scent from his collection Editions de Parfums that he's picked out for us: Carnal Flower. For something a bit less floral, we recommend Dans tes Bras.

An experience with a charming Frenchman nonetheless (Yes, they do exist!), and now we're only two degrees of separation away from Dior, gush.