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Christopher Lloyd Is Coming to Phoenix Comicon 2015

For the last few weeks or so, Phoenix Comicon fans have probably been wondering if any other big-name special guests were going to be announced for this year's event, especially since its organizers tend to do that sort of thing right around now.

Like, for instance, the big guest they announced on Tuesday, March 31: Back to the Future star and all-around geek favorite Christopher Lloyd.

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On Tuesday morning, Comicon staff posted news on Facebook that the actor, who's best remembered for his role as eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett L. Brown in all three blockbuster BTTF films, will appear at this year's Comicon in late May.

Comicon organizers deserve big geek points for nabbing Lloyd for 2015, considering it's the year that Doc Brown and Marty McFly visited in Back to the Future II. As such, we're expecting a variety of BTTF-inspired cosplay at Phoenix Comicon this year.

Of course, Doc Brown is by no means Lloyd's only geek-friendly role over the years, as the low-key character actor starred as Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Professor Plum in Clue, Uncle Fester in the Addams Family films from the '90s, and (our personal favorite) the dastardly Klingon bad guy in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. And, not to show our age or anything, but we also remember him as the spacey Reverend Jim from late '70s/early '80s sitcom, Taxi.

Although specific details of his appearances and activities at the event haven't been revealed as of this writing, he's currently scheduled to appear on Saturday, May 28, and Sunday, May 29. We're willing to guess that he'll probably star in his own Q&A panel and most likely offer an autograph session or two.

And if you're a Back to the Future fan (which is pretty much everyone), we're guessing you'll be at both.

You also might considering digging up a time machine, be it one built into a DeLorean DMC-12 or otherwise, and jumping ahead to Memorial Day weekend to get first crack at asking Lloyd about whether he thinks the hoverboards will be invented soon or if the Chicago Cubs are going to win this year's World Series.

Phoenix Comicon 2015 will take place from Thursday, May 28, to Sunday, May 31, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Admission is currently $15 to $40 for daily access and $70 for a full event pass.

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