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Lexington Hotel Closes and Finally Begins Transformation into Boutique Hotel

Anyone need some gaudy and garish-looking hotel furniture and accessories? The Lexington Hotel certainly has plenty, and is currently selling off all its furnishings in preparation for its much-anticipated and long-delayed renovation into a boutique hotel.

Signs declaring that "everything must go" are hanging from the front of the downtown Phoenix hotel, which shut its doors in late April and will begin its transformation into a chic auberge over the next few months.

According to a recorded message on the Lexington's voice mail, the property is scheduled to reopen as "an exciting boutique hotel and restaurant concept" sometime in 2013. No further details are provided.

The beginning of the hotel's transformation and hip facelift has been a much-anticipated and long-awaited project. Originally announced in early 2011, it's endured a number of delays that caused its scheduled start date to be changed. Last summer, it was announced that the renovation would begin at the beginning of 2012, but unspecified issues caused further delay.

As Jackalope Ranch previously reported, local developer Habitat Metro -- which is working in conjunction with San Diego real-estate company McKinney Capital Group LLC and California hospitality company Bond HD LLC -- is overseeing the project.

As of this writing, the new name of the renovated hotel hasn't been announced. A spokesperson at the hotel stated that there are still "details with branding and such that are still being worked out" behind the scenes.

The renovation's delay has had its upsides, however, as it allowed artsy pop-up projects like the Poolside Gallery and Cycle eatery to operate a few more months before they closed earlier this year. Downtown partymeister Quincy Ross also held a pair of his all-night "Hotel Takeover" dance parties on New Year's Eve and in mid-February at the Lexington.

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