Visual Arts

You Are Here: Jackalope Ranch Hosts Maps of Phoenix by Local Artists at Regular Gallery

It's no secret we love maps. 

Big maps, small maps, maps of First Friday, maps of local foodie events, maps of the world, and maps of our favorite place in the world: Phoenix.

For October's Third Friday, we've asked 10 local artists to create maps of Phoenix. No medium, scale, or size required. 

These maps will hang, stand, and be painted onto Regular Gallery on Roosevelt Row and will be on view in October and November.

Oh, and we're asking you to participate ...

We'll be bringing in local historians and map experts to talk about their interests and crafts. We'll also have a map on which to mark your favorite destinations, local hangouts, and secret (or-not-so-secret) spots around town.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement of participating artists and more information about the show's opening.

Until then, RSVP on the event page ... and get mapping.

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