Downtown Phoenix's Welcome Diner to Throw Arrested Development Viewing Party

If you've been depressed since 2006, when Arrested Development was infamously cancelled, because you were left with only three (increasingly shorter) seasons, chances are you're looking forward to Sunday, May 26, when Netflix brings back the beloved show for a fourth season.

Welcome Diner will screen all 15 episodes of the new season that day, giving AD fans the chance to gather in celebration of the series' resurrection and watch all or some of the episodes with fellow fans. Obviously, chocolate-covered bananas and cornballs will be involved, as well as a costume contest.

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The episodes will be screened by projector on the diner's front patio, which has a shaded picnic table seating area, and guests are encouraged to bring blankets to camp out on the lawn.

The idea for the event came about when resident cartoonist and Welcome Diner bartender Brandon Huigens realized all his friends were looking for a spot to hang out and watch the show.

"We figured we'd throw an Arrested Development party, make some food, and have the neighborhood over," Huigens says.

The series will be available for Instant Watch on Netflix at 3:01 a.m. EDT Sunday, and the party starts at 5 p.m. and goes until midnight. For more information, see the Facebook event page.

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