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Quincy Ross Closes The Quincy for the Summer, Announces Upcoming After-Hours Schedule

Since celebrated local artist, designer, and underground nightlife ninja, Quincy Ross announced the summer hiatus of his monthly after-hours at The Quincy in downtown Phoenix, late-night party rockers have been in a bit of a panic.

Ross opened The Quincy (aka "The Q") over two years ago, and made a late-night splash with events including Turntables and Tamales, Disco and Donuts, and Friday After First Friday for local art and music industry folks.

So, what's Downtown to do without its reigning king of superlative after-hours shindigs?

Ross has a few ideas ...

The veteran promoter says that while he's closing the Q and fleeing the heat for Los Angeles for the summer,  he'll be back in town once a month to spread some underground love in "alternative places" around Phoenix.

For now, he's keeping these "places" a secret, though it's a safe bet he'll pop up in a few Downtown locations (which may or may not include a couple signature warehouses south of Washington Street, hint hint).

We suggest becoming a fan of The Quincy on Facebook to stay in the know ... That is, if you're into getting down to sweet beats with unpretentious night owls until the wee hours of the morning.

Quincy also says his summer absence can be taken as an opportunity for other promoters to step up their after-hours game and invites the challenge with open arms -- and of course, understated confidence.

Stayed tuned for a list of late-night alternatives, tomorrow on Jackalope Ranch. Sure, they may fall below Quincy status, but we guarantee they beat being drunk on Facebook chat until 4 a.m..

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