Tempe's Big Fish Pub Presents Group Art Show and Open Mic Night

​Local artist Jules Demetrius equates last night's Group Art Show and Open Mic Night at Tempe's Big Fish Pub to gumbo, "It's like a million different things coming together and making one delicious meal."

The monthly event, which occurs every fourth Wednesday, was organized by artist Edgar Cano Leyva, who curated a collection of artwork by 10 artists to the sound of live music by four local bands. The artwork, which ranged from Sharpie sketches to elaborate and vibrant paintings, lined the walls of the bar while music from local bands blared through the bar's huge speakers.

​Attendees enjoyed a mix of trip hop, acoustic and rock oriented tunes, while artists and attendees mixed and mingled in a way that was less of a gallery show and more of a friendly gathering. 

The Group Art Show and Open Mic Night is an offshoot from Cano's other art show effort at Tempe Tavern, which hosts new artwork by local artists every third Tuesday of the month. 

The series began as Cano says he noticed a lack of art events showcasing the work of up and coming artists, Cano decided to take action.

Last night, the show featured the work of Whitney Kendrick, originally from San Luis Obispo, California . 

The event has served as an art supply drive, and is also partnering up with Arizona's Ear Candy organization to run a musical instrument drive for children at the exhibitions.

The Group Art Show and Open Mic Night at Tempe's Big Fish Pub takes place every fourth Wednesday of the month. Artist reception goes from 8 to 11 p.m., with musical acts continuing until 2 a.m..

For more information on future shows, visit the event page

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