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The Boneyard Project Continues: Curators Carlo McCormick and Eric Firestone and Artist Kenny Scharf to Visit MOCA Tucson This Weekend

In January 2012, Eric Firestone and Carlo McCormick (with the help of a few heavy-machine-driving professionals) dragged three DC Super 3 planes, a C45, a Lockheed VC140, a C97 cockpit, and dozens of nosecones out of the Tucson boneyard near Pima Air and Space Museum, and gave them new life.

The Boneyard Project included a dream lineup of contemporary artists and opened with a massive party. But when the exhibition's run was over that summer, most of the nosecones went back to New York, and the planes were dragged back to the boneyard with an understanding that the work was ultimately ephemeral.

But Firestone and McCormick still have a few surprises.

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