We're Doomed: Meteor Enters Earth's Atmosphere at an Estimated 33,000 mph, Sonic Boom Causes Damage in Russia (VIDEO)

Because mother nature wants to make sure we're still paying attention and stocking our post-mayan apocalypse bunkers, news arrived from Chelyabinsk, Russia this morning that a meteor had been spotted zooming toward Earth in central Ural Mountains -- a scene described as a nuclear blast out of a movie.

Almost 1,000 community members have been reported injured by shattering glass that was caused by a sonic wave as the 11-ton meteor exploded about 900 miles east of Moscow, according to Russia's Emergency Ministry.

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According to Russian news organizations, fragments of the meteor hit Chelyabinsk and surrounding areas. Dozens of homes have been reported damaged, and large holes have been spotted in the region's frozen lakes.

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences released a statement this morning estimating that the meteor entered Earth's atmosphere at about 33,000 mph and had burned up somewhere between 18 to 32 miles above the ground.

Here are a few videos circulating the web:


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