A Bong Hit Ring Tone ... I'm Lovin' It

New Times staff writer Ray Stern wrote in February that Arizona's medical marijuana pioneers are still unsure of the official rules and regulations of the potential business. And the buzz buzz grows as the DEA announced an emergency spice ban and official medical marijuana universities continue to offer classes in everything from business to cooking with pot.

The wait will continue until the results of public hearings from across the state are gathered and announced on March 28.

In the meantime, you can show your support for the impending medical marijuana business with our very own weed-friendly ringtone, which you can upload to your phone (via mobile internet) ... if only because it'd be awesome to for your boss' calls to come through as bong hits, and let's be real, you shouldn't be using that one that sounds like a bike horn.

The image above is part of New Times' art series on the fictional McWeed's ... check out more images after the jump.