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Treg Bradley's Modern Temple of Creativity

Part-home, part-gallery, Treg Bradley's modern abode at the tip top of north Scottsdale pays homage to artists both local and international. Bradley, the inventor of the Grobal -- a self-watering plant pot -- says although his home is dedicated to the work of others, it's also very personal.

"I wanted the house to be almost like my own temple," says Bradley, "to inspire me and inspire creativity."

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The one-story home is located on two-and-a-half acres of land and created by architect Michael P. Johnson. "He stood by his principles of being a minimalist, so I admired that," says Bradley of his choice. 

The slightly off-white, geometric home stands out in the midst of a Santa Fe-style neighborhood. The modern design, Bradley says, was an issue for the home owners association when it was going through the approval process, but after much neighborhood debate and Bradley's determination, the 4,400-square-foot home was built. 

In the three years since he moved in, Bradley's been able to make the place his dreams with very little compromise. The furniture in his home is 1970s vintage Italian with Italian polished-porcelain tile floors. Massive paintings from his large collection hang from the walls creating what Bradley describes as a "gallery residence." 

His favorite space is in his yoga and meditation room, where he can see the sunrise and sunset at perfect angles during certain months of the year through the tinted-glass windows.

Growing up in mid-century modern Robert Frankeberger

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