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Magic Margin and Lux Central to Host the Fourth Annual Phoenix Type-In in March

Time to dust off your keys and replace your ribbons, friends -- the fourth Phoenix Type-In is just around the corner.

The geek-out/meet-and-greet/show-and-tell is a chance for local typewriter fans and connoisseurs to drool over each other's machines and show off their latest tips and tricks.

Get ready to Instagram.

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The Type-In is hosted by The Magic Margin, an educational experiment run by Ryan Adney and his English students at Alhambra High School in Phoenix.

Adney introduced typewriters into his class last year when he noticed his students taking interest in the 1952 Royal HH typewriter he had borrowed from the high school's library and kept in his classroom.

Two years later, he and the students run a blog titled "Magic Margin: The Classroom Typewriter Project," in which they profile each machine that's been donated and collected, discuss their latest projects, and manually type entries before scanning them in and posting them online.

The Phoenix Type-In will be at Lux Central, at 4400 North Central Avenue from 1 to 4 p.m.

In attendance will be machines from the classroom, recently refurbished machines (including ours) from the Mesa Typewriter Exchange, and more from members of the Typosphere. Adney also writes that Bill Whal from the Mesa Typewriter Exchange will be on hand "to diagnose typewriter woes and offer some sage advice."

For more information, check out the Magic Margin.

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