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This Week at Sundance, Twitter ... for Plants, and a Manifesto for Curiosity

1. This week at Sundance Film Festival 
Our friends at LA Weekly are on the ground at Sundance and posting daily updates on new films, breakout roles, and festival surprises. Follow film critic Karina Longworth as she checks out Sundance's most anticipated films at LA Weekly's Style Council and on Twitter at @KarinaLongworth.

2. Tweeting Plants

As if you needed more doomsday proof, three students from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program have created a DIY kit that allows plants to tweet when they're thirsty. 

Created for "certified plant killers," the leaf-shaped computer chip bridges the communication gap between thirsty plants and their neglectful human owners. When the plant needs water, as somehow detected by the computer chip, a message is sent out via Twitter -- the hope being that said owner is actually following his/her plants. Once the plant is watered, a thank you message is sent by the plant. How polite(ly creepy). Read more here

3. The Future Belongs to the Curious
We're kicking off our manifesto series this week, so get excited for a collection of simple lists that local creatives live by. In our manifesto craze, we stumbled across this short film by the creatives behind Skillshare

"From the moment we open our eyes it fuels our existence. We are on a mission to remind everyone to never lose your sense of curiosity or wonder. Long live learning!"


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